Saturday, August 1, 2009

Misc art

Steampunk Journal

I'm working on a collabrative Steam Punk Journal. These pages are my front cover, back of cover, and sign in page. The journal has been sent to the next artist and she will add a page and then send it onto the next. I believe it will be approx 5-6 months before I see it again, but when it comes back home, I'll have some great art from fabulous artists! I'll also be working in their journals.

Name tag created for AFA retreat

This is the name tag that I created for the AFA (art) retreat.

Mini-Altered People

Mixed Media Journal Entry

Journal entry that I created in VintagePix's AFA art journal.

Photo & Artist Interpretation

Original photos and my interpretations...

Postcard Mania

I've really enjoyed making postcards lately - and then sending them out into the world "naked"... In otherwords, the art is actually sent as a postcard, so that the post office will alter them one more time. No hiding in an envie for these guys!

If you would like a post card from me, please send me an email! Give me a choice of 3 themes and I'll make you one! :) corrie_manning @ (take out the spaces of course!)

Japanese Moleskine Journals

More Japanese Moleskine Journal entries... The purple page is based on the theme of "What makes your heart soar." The sea page was based on the theme of "Mermaids."

Cat Tip In Pages

What are tip in pages???

"Tip In's" are individual pages that are created with the sole purpose of being added to an existing journal or altered book. It can be stapled, sewn, taped, hole punched and laced, etc. Think of it as loose leaf notebook paper being added to a 3-ring binder - that's a tip in.

This page was created for another artist's altered book. She asked me if she could she print out some of my cat art and add them to her altered book. Instead of that, I told her that I would make her an original page.